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Roof repairs and what to look out for –

The thought of carrying out roof repairs can be daunting but, as with many things in life, ignoring small niggles can lead to bigger – and more costly – problems. Read my tips for roof repairs for

UK holidays without the hurry –

As travellers started to take heed of their carbon impact on the environment, ‘slow travel’ was already emerging before Coronavirus. Here’s my article for on this sustainable holiday trend.

Home Energy Savings for Tenants –

Energy costs are due to soar from April and, unfortunately, the increases are set to be worse for tenants than those who own their property. Here’s how to keep costs down if you rent your home.

Pen-pych Waterfall Trail – Country Walking

My latest article for Country Walking magazine is a stunning waterfall trail high in the Rhondda Valley (March 2022 ed.).

Detox Your Home This January –

It’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new year with these tips to get your home sparkling for 2022! Read my article for

The biggest trends for post-pandemic wellness –

There’s never been a greater need to look after our wellbeing but, post-lockdown, we need to find new ways to give our health that essential boost. Here’s the updated version of my wellness trends article initially written for Admiral in 2019.

Exploring the life of Sarah Sophia Banks – The Royal Mint

I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing this article in my role at The Royal Mint, exploring the life of Sarah Sophia Banks – a remarkable female collector ahead of her time!

Eight thrill-seeking activities you might not have tried –

The outdoors is open again – and here are some activities you might not have tried! Read the post-pandemic update of my article initially written for Admiral in 2019. 

Boost your home with biophilic design –

With the need to reconnect with the outside world arguably never being greater, biophilia in our homes and workspaces could be the answer. Read my article for Admiral on this emerging interior trend.

2 Wish Upon a Star – Cwm Taf Morgannwg

It was a privilege to meet 2 Wish Upon a Star founder Rhian Mannings MBE and share the story of how she has supported hundreds of families following the deaths of her husband, Paul, and baby son, George.

How to buy a home in a seller’s market –

If you’ve been house hunting this year, chances are you’ve been pipped to the post in securing your dream home at least once. But what can you do to improve your chances? Read my article for

Living in harmony with those next door-

Forget keeping up with the Joneses, it’s enough to get on with them these days. Whereas neighbourly niggles might once have been confined to a Sunday afternoon, lockdown restrictions and working from home have magnified many a minor disagreement.

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