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Left on the shelf

On Saturday I’ll be facing a very short queue. Actually, it might not be a queue at all as I doubt two people strictly constitute a queue. Come to think of it, there might not even be two people. I… Continue Reading →

Public speaking is really pants

I’m sitting in front of 40 or so people talking about old, bobbly pants. Speaking in public isn’t up there amongst my favourite things to do and the fact the subject is pants doesn’t spare my blushes. But at least… Continue Reading →

Trailing behind

Hello my dear reader chums, as the fabulous Miranda Hart would say (yes, I had the book for Christmas too), and a quite belated happy new year to you. January’s blog post would have been sooner, were it not for… Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo? Another big No-No…

There are just a few hours of November left and after 11.59.59pm I will officially be a big #writingfailure. A month ago I promised myself I was definitely going to be a NaNoWriMo victor by right about now – but… Continue Reading →

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