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The accidental dog owner

Lionel is sporting a huge bald square on his back and I’m sporting serious bags under my eyes. We fall through the door and collapse into heaps; he on his bed and me on the sofa, although it could so… Continue Reading →

Maps, motorbikes and (maybe) MS

There’s either a 20% or an 80% chance I have MS. I’d hoped for a slightly narrower differential but this is the (actually marvellous) NHS and I’m caught between two hospitals and two health boards. I’m at UHW to discuss… Continue Reading →

New adventures and a new venture!

Yes I know, the blog’s gone distinctly quiet of late, as pointed out by a new contact wondering why I haven’t published a word since August (rude!). But it’s all with good reason as I’ve been busy working on a… Continue Reading →

For brothers, with love

  It’s my brother’s birthday. I can’t say happy birthday as he died six years ago. For the last six Novembers I have been in various states of meltdown, dreading the run of family events that start with his birthday and… Continue Reading →

Left on the shelf

On Saturday I’ll be facing a very short queue. Actually, it might not be a queue at all as I doubt two people strictly constitute a queue. Come to think of it, there might not even be two people. I… Continue Reading →

Pond-ering my next move

It’s said you should never judge a man til you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. I’m walking not one mile but three in someone else’s wellies. It’s a freezing February day in the middle of the worst storms Britain… Continue Reading →

Being freelance is a proper job – honest!

Last month I found myself in a room full of journalists on the fabulous ‘How to Freelance’ course run by the lovely people at NUJ Training Wales. It was proof you can certainly teach an old(ish) journo new tricks; I’ve been… Continue Reading →

XX gets it spot on

On Saturday I’m going to the xx minifest of women’s writing in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. It promises to be a celebration of women’s writing in Wales, and might just give me the impetus to get my own neglected creative… Continue Reading →

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