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Silver linings

I’m on a weekend break for one, booked to escape the awfulness that is Valentine’s Day when you’re the patron saint of Singles Awareness. After being not-so-gently let go, with thoughtful timing, between my birthday and Christmas, I make positive… Continue Reading →

Genes back on for life’s next challenge

The all-clear is within touching distance. Just a formality with a genetics professor; a box to tick, and we can assign the last two and a half years to that accepted medical condition, ‘one of those things’. Two and a… Continue Reading →

To last dates and slow waits

I have a final fling with Bumble and delete the app. My last date is winningly handsome, attentive and articulate. And, oh yes, a dedicated love-bomber. He all too rapidly develops a habit of texting late in the evening, seductively… Continue Reading →

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