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Delivering on time

I’m hacking these words onto a jagged piece of slate using a fragment of rusty chalk. Ok, not really, but I might as well be. I have been without home broadband for eight days and my world is pretty much… Continue Reading →

The big sell

I’m in the middle of writing publicity for my walking trails book, Heritage Walks in South East Wales, and I’m not enjoying the busman’s holiday. Promoting clients’ products and services is straightforward, but shamelessly selling myself is a much tougher task. I… Continue Reading →

Reviewing standards

So the Leveson Inquiry rumbles on, with Tony Blair throwing his two cents’ worth into the investigation into press standards. Scale this down quite considerably and this week I was offered the chance to review restaurants and hotels for a… Continue Reading →

A Royal success

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh are in south Wales, braving near-monsoon conditions to visit Llandaff Cathedral, Ebbw Vale and Margam Park. I did get excited when I heard about Margam and briefly considered taking the kids out of… Continue Reading →

Deadline? What deadline?

Here we are in the middle of September, so according to my schedule for The Book, all 20 trails have been completed on sunny summer’s days and I’m now close to the proofing bit. Hmmm. Or maybe nine in a row were completed on… Continue Reading →

Fully booked

I’ve gone and done it. That thing that freelances never, ever do. I’ve Turned Down Work. I took a call yesterday in the middle of Boots from a PR man asking if I could take on a commission with a… Continue Reading →

Life in the slow lane

I’m ashamed to say it’s been a month since my last post, so this one’s slightly overdue. As I have learnt from experience, though, things rarely happen quickly in the world of copywriting. This week I received in the post my copy of… Continue Reading →

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