rebecca-leesI’m a writer and hiker based in beautiful Wales, the land of legend and adventure. With 20 years’ media experience, okay, I’m playing a little fast and loose with the ‘girl’ in the title. But the spirit’s the same, with my boots and kit always at the ready to follow well-beaten tracks and explore new paths.


From starting as a staff reporter on the South Wales Echo to launching a freelance career working with BBC Wales and ITV Wales on outdoorsy programmes (Weatherman Walking; Coast & Country), I now run Chatterbox Communications, creating eye-catching PR campaigns and captivating content for all sorts of lovely health, wellbeing and tourism clients. Many of them love mountains too!


rebecca-leesI’m incredibly proud of the business I’ve built from scratch but have chosen not to subscribe to the work-18-hours-a-day entreprenuerial mindset, in the hope there’s an alternative kind of ‘success’. So, instead, a long weekend every fortnight is set in stone for walking, writing, meeting friends and carving out breathing space in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world (that’s not my claim; just ask Lonely Planet!).


My first trails book, Heritage Walks in South East Wales, was published by Sigma Press in 2012 and followed by a pair of children’s trails books. I also write fiction and have had a number of short stories published in anthologies, including a number by Honno Press.


I’m now writing my fourth trails book, Quiet Walks for Quiet Minds, a guide to the lesser-known trails for those who want to get far from the slightly mad crowds making the bank holiday pilgrimage up Pen y Fan. Basically, it’s a book for walkers who honestly do like other walkers… but just don’t want to meet too many of them on their travels.