You know how Madonna’s hands give her age away? Well, I’ve got Madonna hands, for sure. All my life I’ve been taken for younger than I am – I was still getting asked for ID in my 30s – until the viewer sees my hands and recoils, as if they’ve just witnessed Mother Gothel’s youth fading before their very eyes.


Sadly my weary, hiking feet aren’t in much better shape, which is why I’m excited to get my hands, so to speak, on Footner Exfoliating Socks. The packaging promises to get me ‘barefoot ready’ for summer or, as I hope, at least ‘hiking boot ready’. My feet are working hard right now, in training for next month’s Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge. I’m clocking up the miles to tackle Snowdon, Cadair Idris and Pen y Fan within 15 hours, and my feet are tired. ‘Step’ forward Footner, to restore and rejuvenate!


footner-footcareThe science bit in the socks is alpha hydroxy acids, commonly used for skin conditions such as dry skin and acne. The ingredients Footner uses are gentle on the healthy skin cells whilst getting to work on the dead ones, encouraging a natural peeling process over 10 days or so. The plastic socks themselves are not comfortable, not least because they seem huge on my size fives and the slippery moisturiser inside makes walking a little tricky – don’t attempt stairs! But the process is simple; just pop them on for an hour (with a nice pair of cwtchy socks on top for comfort) and let the exfoliating begin.


My feet feel a little tingly for the 60 minutes but, with the socks removed, already seem softer and smoother. The peeling process over the next week or so reminds me of the post-sunburn effects I had every summer as a child; you know, in the good old days when mums thought that Factor 4 would adequately do the job on their white-blonde offspring? But, 10 or 12 days later, ta-dah! It really works!


cadair-idrisI haul myself up Cadair Idris with my Welsh 3 Peaks team mates and, a few evenings later, sprint up Corn Du to see out a particularly trying day. I realise how little care I take of my feet and hands; even less than my eyebrows, yet they’re the bits of me that probably need the most attention, thanks to worryingly crap circulation. And, of course, all the hiking.


As I trot back to Pont ar Daf and switch boots for trainers, I’m amazed by how fresh my feet still feel, despite the Cadair climb and a little jog in between. It will be interesting to see how long the effects last, but the socks are definitely worth investing in every three months or so (roughly the frequency I pledge, and fail, to get my eyebrows done). Now, if Footner could just work the same magic with a nice pair of gloves… if a certain 60-year-old pop star isn’t available to review a pair, my hands are certainly up!


footner-socksFootner Exfoliating Socks cost £19.99 and are available from Boots, Superdrug and  


This is a sponsored post. All reviews are my honest opinion and I work only with brands I believe in and have personally tested.