Well it’s not often I discuss my smalls on social media – it’s not that kind of blog – but bear with me on this one as these briefs are made from… beech! Yep, if you like your undies on an eco mission, take a look at the new range from SueMe, the responsibly sourced sportswear brand. Its new sports underwear is not only darn stylish, but sustainable too, made from 95% beech tree pulp!


Known as Modal®, the pulp creates stunningly soft, comfortable and durable undies that genuinely feel like a second skin. Where better to test them out than on Tryfan, a small but deceptively tough Snowdonia peak said to be the only mountain south of Scotland that can’t be climbed without using your hands. And when a girl’s scrambling, she can’t be doing with seams in the wrong places (ladies, you know what I mean!).


tryfan-snowdoniaBut these pants are perfect. I opt for the gorgeously grape-coloured women’s beech shorties, also available in black, grey and patterned (don’t worry guys; you’re equally well catered for with the fabulously titled ‘tree trunks’). And, for a sports product, they feel surprisingly sumptuous, with a silky slinkiness that’s a cut above your average cotton briefs. One of my best girlfriends and I regularly joke about needing our ‘super pants’ to get through a particularly demanding day, and after one wear I realise these are definitely mine. My summer has been littered with north Wales nearlies; weather and ‘life’ conspiring against efforts to summit Snowdon again and Cadair Idris. But with my SueMe shorties up my sleeve (well, inside my leggings, actually – I’ve got this!), the sun sparkles, the stars align and my heart sings – the power of pants, eh!


beech-shortiesSueMe’s ethos is that the closer we are to nature, the more likely we are to care for it, and you don’t get much closer to nature than a bird’s eye view of the Ogwen Valley in the heart of God’s own country. Lately, I find myself increasingly worrying about the world’s finite resources, doing battle with our seemingly infinite need for more ‘stuff’, and it really is reassuring to know that clever people are doing something about it. The SueMe team – which, incidentally, engineered Iain Thorpe’s Olympic gold medal-winning swim suit! – has created a carbon neutral fibre that has a 95% recovery rate in material production, with a low land and water consumption.


What’s more, each pair of performance underwear is packaged in a recycled box and delivered with a free packet of beech birch and wild meadow flower seeds, to help users give back, connect with nature and replenish the earth their new undies are taken from. For hiking addicts like me, it’s lovely to stand in the landscape knowing that you’re doing a teeny bit to help preserve it (and the fact that you’re standing there in extremely breathable fabric that leaves you cool and comfortable is a total bonus!).


The beech shorties are £20 per pair or £46 for an assorted pack of three, whilst the SueMe range also includes tee shirts, sweatshirts, men’s hoodies and much more. Each garment is made using natural synthetic fibres from beech tree, eucalyptus tree and bamboo tree pulp, as well as organic cottons, wool and recycled polyester – take a look at www.sueme.com.


This is a sponsored post. All reviews are my honest opinion and I work only with brands I believe in and have personally tested.