I’m in the middle of writing publicity for my walking trails book, Heritage Walks in South East Wales, and I’m not enjoying the busman’s holiday.

Promoting clients’ products and services is straightforward, but shamelessly selling myself is a much tougher task. I have no objectivity and haven’t yet managed to produce a key message other than ‘BUY THIS BOOK,’ which I have to admit isn’t my best slogan to date.

I feel the same about appearing on camera, which was another new experience I had this week (nothing to do with walking, which is just as well as my hiking boots have still not recovered from a 26-miler in May). I was asked to contribute to a short promotional film and, as the crew set up, the producer said: ‘You must have done this loads of times before!’ But the truth is that my last starring role was in a road safety video when I was 11, as an elderly lady called Edna who met with a nasty traffic accident and was carted off to Dr Getwell. These days I’m much happier writing the words for someone else to deliver, then watching from the safety of stage left as they get ready for their close up.

Still, I have time. Publication was due today but there has been a temporary delay due to a lack of 100gsm paper at the printers’. I know; you couldn’t actually make it up. Sounds like a PR disaster in the making… but I know just where they can get  some shamelessly positive publicity.

* Note to readers: Heritage Walks is out on Aug 2, paper supplies withstanding. Buy this book!